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water damage MilwaukeeWe’ve got local water damage technicians at Milwaukee ready to help 24 hours day. We can act quickly to clean up water damage, dry and mitigate, repair or simply inform you of the extent of the water damage. Water damage may be caused by a huge array of issues. Sometimes, the issue might be evident, such as damage from a storm, flood of local rivers or streams or burst pipes and overflowing bathtubs or sinks. In other cases, but the issue might not be so evident and it might continue to be a problem for quite a long time before it’s discovered. Small leaks in pipes behind the walls or beneath the ground could go on for weeks, months or maybe even a year or more before they’re discovered. From the time the problem shows itself, the harm could be intense.

Something else which might be an issue for some homeowners is tackling the insurance component of the procedure. Insurance companies aren’t there to take care of your claim, they’re big businesses that exist to create money. You have rights that are connected with your insurance, and a water restoration company can often enable you to complete the paperwork and file the proper claim forms. In doing this, they enable you to receive the insurance coverage you have been paying for all together. It’s important to use a professional to the water damage cleanup and repair procedure. This isn’t typically something which can be dealt with by the homeowner directly. It involves a multi-step procedure which includes water extraction and removal, cleaning and restoration, mold remediation, identifying the source of the renovation and water. Each part of the procedure requires specific skills and resources. If the job isn’t done properly, it’s very likely it will resurface at any point in the future.

Water Damage Restore Milwaukee is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and has the most proficient and well-trained workers that are ready to assist you with the most advanced equipment to fix and rebuild your house or office following water damage. We provide emergency water damage restoration in addition to home remodeling. Specialists in water damage Milwaukee WI are 24 hours a day for emergency help. The practice of water damage restoration and the repair work that happens is an important part of getting back to your life again. When you’ve got a professional service taking care of the job for you, it takes the pressure off of you and enables you to have some peace of mind.

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The Water Damage Restore team went above and beyond providing a professional service. We had a sump pump fail and a flooded basement problem we needed immediate help with. I made a quick phone call they arrived quickly and started cleaning up the water. Everything was dried out and the sump pump was fixed. Thanks, I highly recommend you!
Barbara Phillips

Water Damage Cleanup and Repair

Floods, sewage backup, broken pipes, and water used to extinguish fires all contribute to water damage. If left untreated, flood and water damage can develop into a big problem. Toxins in water and mold can seriously affect the effectiveness and the expense of water damage restoration. 
Our Specialists provide various kinds of water damage and proper sanitation treatments. Mold removal is often required after drying is complete. Due to the possible health risks associated with water damage, the earlier the damage can be mitigated easier the restoration process.
Our seasoned professionals are water damage specialists using specialized equipment to restore your water damaged property quickly and safely using proven procedures.

Basement Flood Damage Cleanup

In the event of flooding, water can generate plenty of damage, particularly if cleaning & drying steps aren’t implemented quickly. If the relative humidity of a building is greater than 80%, water contaminates and mold forms.
The longer you wait until treating moisture issues, the greater the damage and the more irreversible it will become.
A high humidity develops the proliferation of mites, which in massive amounts can cause bronchial infections.
The advanced equipment for drying and disinfection from a professional restoration company will dry the structure and eliminate any danger.

Water Damage Restore Milwaukee WI

Water Damage Restore Milwaukee is your expert partner for water damage restoration in Milwaukee Wisconsin and provides emergency services – fast and professional with one call.

Water Damage Restore takes all necessary immediate measures to secure the area and minimize damage. Water Damage Restore also draws up a comprehensive renovation concept and carries out all work relating to water damage remediation – including drying / dehumidifying.

Water Damage

Fire Damage


Storm Damage

Water Damage Mitigation in Milwaukee

What you do in the first hour is very important. Our technicians immediately stop the cause of damage / limit the extent of damage / ensure safety. Assume that there may be health risks or that there may be significant damage.

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  • Water Extraction
  • Flood Damage Restoration
  • Basement Flood Clean-up
  • Sewage Clean-up
  • Water Removal
  • Flood Cleanup
  • Water Damage Repair

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Water Damage Restore Milwaukee Restoration & Recovery

Our partners are the best in the industry and work with all major insurance companies

Hundreds of local restoration experts in locations all across the country

24/7 emergency services 365 days a year with a commitment to customer service.

Water Damage Clean-up and Repair Assessment

Proper restoration services go well beyond simple drying and cleanup. Water and flooding damage restoration services provided by our local Milwaukee professionals follows a scientific and proven approach to restoring your property back to proper form. Our network of water extraction and remediation emergency professionals will quickly and efficiently provide you with an estimate on restoration and cleanup costs.

Our Initial Approach Includes:

⟩  Fast and accurate evaluation and assessment of the situation

⟩  Surface level / cosmetic damage assessment

⟩  Evaluation and projection of structural integrity

⟩  Determination of the level of contamination

⟩  Evaluate replacement vs restoration

⟩  Sanitation considerations

Common Services We Provide

As professionals with combined decades of experience serving the community, we’ve run into countless water damage situations in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Below is a quick rundown of the most common issues we see on a daily basis…

⟩ Storm and flooding damage

⟩ Busted pipes

⟩ Leaking appliances such as water heaters

⟩ Overflowing sinks, bathtubs and faucets

⟩ Clogged pipes

⟩ Flooded basements and failed sump pumps

  Sewer or sewage backups

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Nation Wide Preferred Partner Network

Water Damage Restore Milwaukee serves a coverage area that spans all of Wisconsin. We provide 24/7 emergency services 365 days a year with 60 minute response time. With a commitment to customer service, we are proud to be able to serve the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

Our mission is to provide fast, high-quality water damage restoration and disaster recovery services. Our goals are to Preserve, Recover and Restore property back to normal.

Our preferred partner network consists of experienced professionals in the restoration and construction industry.

Our experience in residential and commercial water damage restoration, storm damage restoration, water removal, bio-hazard cleanup, mold damage removal has made Water Damage Restore Milwaukee a go to company in water damage restoration and disaster response.

We have relationships with remediation and restoration companies throughout the nation with a preferred vendor network of remediation companies, builders, contractors that our customer operations depend on.

Disaster can happen any time so we e are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our emergency water damage and disaster experts, suppliers, subcontractors and contractors have offices in every corner of the nation. We have the ability to respond to a situation and mobilize the resources and experts in our network to supply customers with the priority services that are essential.

Water Damage Restore Milwaukeevalues ​​lifelong learning and participates voluntarily in new training programs that are emerging. We are committed to providing unparalleled customer service through responsiveness and seamless communication.

Whether it’s our office staff, who make sure the process goes smoothly, or our team of water damage and disaster recovery specialists and general contractors, our goal is to help customers in the process to Preserve, Recover and Restore property back to normal.

flood damage restoration

Why Consider Water Damage Restore Milwaukee for your Water Emergency?

For combined decades our teams of dedicated water damage specialists have been proudly serving Milwaukee, Wisconsin homeowners and businesses. We’ve worked hard to establish a restoration network of long-standing, time-tested and proven track record of getting the job done right, on time, and on budget, helping individuals and families alike take back control of their lives after devastating water damages.

Water Damage Restoration – Fast Response Times Matter

Water Damage

When it comes to water damage restoration service in Milwaukee and surrounding areas, time is of the essence. Mere minutes or hours or delay can turn simple water damage into costly and extensive restoration and repair projects.

We know every minute counts, that’s why our locally based Milwaukee teams are on call 24/7 ready to jump into action at a moment’s notice. Our affordable and reliable professionals know firsthand how devastating water and flooding damage can be to your family, home or business.

For years we’ve been proudly serving local Milwaukee customers just like you, offering top quality services and implementing sanitation best practices to keep your family safe and get you back to life as normal as quickly as possible.

Water Damage Repair Companies

Our network of restoration companies of experts in water damage from busted pipes, plumbing emergencies, to overflows or sump pump failures . Our local network of water damage technicians are on call and ready to respond fast, helping you limit damages, dry out the area and prevent mold and bacterial growth.

Water Damage

Flood Damage Clean-up Services

Flood Damage

Storms, torrential rains and Mother Nature can be unforgiving, with flash flooding being one of her more devastating results. When flooding hits, our team will work fast to secure your residence, prevent further damage and work quickly to pump out water, dry out living spaces, and remove rotted and damaged construction materials, replacing them with safe and structurally sound materials.

Water Removal & Water Extraction

One of the hallmarks of our services includes professional and commercial grade water pumps and removal systems. Within hours we can pump out thousands of gallons of water from your home or business; the first critical step towards remediation.

We use advanced water extraction, leak detection and structural and dehumidification equipment to ensure you can use of your spaces as soon as possible. You can always count on us to arrive on time at your property and bring things back to their original state as quickly as possible.

Water Removal
& Extraction

Water Damage Cleanup and Debris Removal

Water &
Debris Removal

Flooding and water damage often brings with it the need to remove debris, rotted lumber, drywall, carpeting Sheetrock and more. Our cleanup crews are fast, effective and respectful of your home or business, working quickly to clear to remove debris from the area for further renovation.

Storm Damage Repair and Clean up

External damage necessitates careful consideration and speedy action. If it goes unnoticed, water infiltration can alter the building envelope and penetrate the wall cavities. This undetected water boosts the appearance of mold. However, Water Damage Restore Milwaukee restoration services has the essential knowledge to assess water damage after storms and to restore your construction. Thermal cameras reveal the pockets of moisture which hide in the insulation and wall cavities. When hail drills your roof, you can rely on us to take care of your building, inside and outside.

Storm Damage

Residential Water Damage Services

Residential Water Damage Restoration

In cases of residential water damage or flood, several pumping gear, gas and electrical will be used simultaneously to save time. Upon your telephone call, the information gathered will determine the response plan and dispatch of emergency response groups.

Luckily, Water Damage Restore Milwaukee can take your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days per year. We react hastily when your house is facing water damage like flooding, piping issues or observing the consequences of fire damage. You can depend on the quality of our residential remediation services we provide in Milwaukee, as we use the best products and techniques in the business.

Commercial Water Damage Services

We inspect all of the places which were influenced by the water damage, sometimes it’ll be required to create openings to reach the source of the problem. It’ll be necessary to wash the structure, be certain to deal with it against the mould. The opening will be closed when the construction has returned to normal humidity. Our technicians come every day to read the moisture content in the wood and in the atmosphere. The drying may take a couple of days.

Telephone our water damage team emergency response experts to evacuate the water, dry and secure up the harm of small or massive waters without traces! Regardless of the extent of the harm, our equipment and our accredited experts allow a return to the order of your company as quickly as possible.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Water & Flood Damage Restoration in Milwaukee Wisconsin

24/7 emergency services 365 days a year with 60 minute response time.

The Destructive Power of H2O

Water seems pretty innocent, right? It can be, and often is…but not when it is in your home or business. Water can be one of the most destructive substances on earth, causing immeasurable damage and wreaking havoc on any indoor environment.

Excess flooding and moisture can cause residential and commercial properties alike to deprecate fast, and the longer you wait to address water damage the worse it gets.

Water damage and associated restoration can become even more troublesome when sanitation issues are present, turning simple water damage into a major health and safety issue.

As trained professionals dedicated to our trade, our teams are well-equipped and ready to handle any situation you can throw at us. Give us a call today and find a top rated and well-respected water restoration team in Milwaukee.



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About Water Damage Restore Milwaukee Experts:

Locally owned and operated (we live and work in the same community you do)
Licensed, bonded and insured
Highly trained professionals with years of experience
Proven track record of satisfied customers and positive outcomes
Available 24/7 for emergency services – day or night, we’ve got your back
Fast, professional and passionate teams that care about your residence as much as you do
Friendly and caring customer support teams
Transparent and clear billing and estimates
Call us now to learn more. You won’t be disappointed. We promise – Call toll free  (888) 250-8946



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Our Best in Class Services Include:

Structural Drying

Structural drying can be done on any area of the house that has moisture.  Patience is required to dry walls. floors and ceilings that must be done right before  repairing amenities, coatings and embellishments.

Floor Drying

Floor drying is a very common service all water damage restoration services provide. There is many drying techniques we use to mitigate water damage to floors. All types of floors can be mitigated and dried out using various types of equipment needed for the job.


Our certified teams can help you quickly assess damages, contamination and structural integrity, working with you and your insurance company to find the best resolution possible.


Bacteria thrive in moist environments, creating a potentially hazardous environment in areas flooded or left wet for an extended period of time. Sewer overflows or runoff can complicate matters further. Our team is trained and equipped to carefully and thoroughly handle all necessary sanitation procedures, making sure your residence is safe for your family.

Emergency Services / Calls

Water damage doesn’t usually call ahead to make sure it’s a good time. In fact, most of our calls are for emergency services where home or business owners need help FAST. From an unexpected broken pipe to a burst hot water heater, we’ve got you covered. Locally owned and operated, our crews can be on scene FAST. Limiting damage and making sure you are safe.

Mold Prevention / Elimination

When it comes to mold, the opportunity to reduce or eliminate spores from taking root is measured in hours, not days. Fast response from professionals like those on our team is critical to mediate mold growth before it happens. From air quality testing to identification and removal of potentially life-threatening mold growth, our team will do everything we can to make sure the area is safe for inhabitation.

Drying and dehumidifying, damp wall, mold remediation, water damage

Subsequently, in the case of water damage remediation, professional drying and dehumidification are the right thing to do. Our modern dehumidifiers allow the rapid drying of masonry, plaster, hardwood floors and all other surfaces within a few days or weeks. The comparison: conventional dry heating can take up to 3 years.
How do the drying methods work?

Drying by ventilation
Water Damage Restore has a wide range of ventilation units in all performance classes, from axial and centrifugal fans and wind machines. The use of fans removes all types of pollutants such as dust particles, paint and paint fumes, welding fumes, carbon dioxide, water vapor, etc.

Humidity and indoor climate conditions are important factors in the industry. Excessive humidity can cause a great deal of damage to corrosion or condensation. Applications for dehumidification and drying equipment are tanks, ships, turbines, boiler systems, control centers, piping systems, storage rooms with specific indoor climate conditions, cold storage rooms as well as cold stores, loading zones and production facilities.

Good climate
Reduced performance and failure or disruption of computer equipment and production facilities can be prevented by the use of air conditioning and heating equipment. Water Damage Restore provides you with devices of all performance classes for climate regulation – suitable for production and storage rooms, open-plan offices, temporary offices (containers, construction trailers), studios, exhibition halls.

Mold Remediation

If mold is the result of an already lasting water damage, then Water Damage Restore offers the solution here as well. If you want more than just a superficial removal of mold, which also addresses the causes, talk to Water Damage Restore. We are in terms of mold remediation experts.

Fire Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restore Milwaukee is here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will provide complete fire restoration and smoke damage services so your home is good as new again.

We with our staff and preferred vendors we will be at your side each step of the way, from the first assessment of the damage caused by the fire or smoke to the sending of your return to the insurance provider. Our group of experienced  smoke damage restoration experts make certain that the job is done well. We’ve got the knowledge and equipment necessary for the complete restoration of your house or home after fire and smoke damage.

The consequences of damage due to fire or smoke can be especially difficult and devastating. Whether for cleaning, disinfection or a complete rebuild, you can depend on us.

Regarding damage caused by fire or smoke, our priority is to immediately secure the home or building and to identify and treat private property so that we can protect what matters most to you.

Along with the heat and smoke due to a fire in general, this sort of situation can lead to power outages, openings in the walls and water damage as a result of intervention of the fire area.

With our preferred vendor program, we connect you to the best
water damage restoration company in Milwaukee. Companies that use the best equipment and techniques during the water damage restoration process.



(414) 269-3800


Where Water Damage is Most Likely to Occur

Water damage can happen anywhere, but the following represent areas of special concern for our teams when inspecting and evaluating the extent of damages:

Partition walls, especially plaster, drywall and wood
Timber joist floor: insulation, soffits, boarding and support
Flooring: carpet, underlying insulation/padding, sub-floor
Internal walls: membranes, insulation, wood, drywall and plaster
Foundation walls
And more….
Replacement vs Restoration and Repair

One of the hardest decisions a home or business owner has to make in the aftermath of water damage is whether to demo and replace, or clean up and restore or repair the area and structure.

Our team can help you accurately assess the situation and help you weigh your options given the current and projected state of the area. We’ll go over damages, structural and cosmetic issues, associated costs and more.

We can even help prepare estimates for insurance claims.

Its recommended to must declare the incident to the insurer by registered letter no later than 5 days after the damage has been happened. In the event of a natural disaster, the expired period maybe 10 days after the incident. It all varies on the type structure and how the damage occurred so an expert assist you with the local regulations.
We Will get a claim approved and send the insurance estimate of the damage and the supporting documents: invoices of damaged goods, guarantee, photographs, testimonials… This estimate is important because it constitutes the basis of the estimate of damage expressed by the insurer.

Don’t Wait, Take Action, Call NOW…

With water damages, time is literally money. The longer you wait, even hours, can result in further damage and destruction; potentially costing you thousands of dollars in repair and cleanup costs.

By calling our locally top rated professional water restoration teams we can get on scene fast, limiting the extent of damages and helping you get things under control fast.

Commercial or residential, big or small, our expert contractors can get the job done right, on budget, and on time.

Let us help you restore your residence or business back to normal, and help you move on with your life as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our friendly service representatives are available 24/7 for emergency calls and are both ready and willing to help @ (414) 269-3800.