Charlotte, North Carolina

Historical Floods

Charlotte, North Carolina, has had its fair share of flooding as well as other devastating disasters that have ripped through the town. Most of which, left debris and a lot of property damage. Lives will never be the same, and most people aren’t willing to go back and risk losing their homes again. One of the most devastating floods of Charlotte, North Carolina, occurred in 1916.

The Flood Of 1916

In 1916 there weren't many ways for people to know whether or not a storm was rolling in that could cause significant flooding or devastating circumstances. Most times, it came as a surprise. Rainfall at Charlotte began on Thursday, July 13th, and increased proportions into a storm the next day, Friday the 14th. Damaging winds swept through, and it was dangerous even to leave your house or place of shelter. Many stated that it looked like a cyclone had swept through their city. Charlotte only had a rainfall of 5 inches, while in surrounding areas such as Asheville, the rain was approximately 22 inches. This amount surpassed records, and the damage was outrageous. The property damage rested at about $21 Million, a devastating mount to citizens and businesses who find themselves unable to afford repair. It is no doubt that the flood od 1916 changed the way many people perceive the weather and its abilities and the way they ensure the safety of themselves and the community around them.

Floods Today

Many floods in Charlotte go unnoticed by people on the hills. Although it is devastating for those who do not find themselves in a safe spot or able to not worry about their homes or businesses flooding, there are more advanced technologies that will warn of chaotic weather and storms rolling into the town. They can take shelter with friends who may live on hills or in shelters placed around the city for the occasion that a flood was to happen as well as other natural disasters such as tornadoes or blizzards. They didn't have these things back then, and many people were surprised when a storm rolled in. The birds flew for shelter, and the people went places that they never thought they'd have to stay in for shelter during a storm. The signs of a dangerous storm are much clearer now, and safety precautions can be taken, and alarms can be sounded if needed to protect the community and the people within it. Although Charlotte did not get the worst of the flood of 1919, it was still devastating to the city. Many basements with personal belongings were flooded, and personal belonging could not be salvaged. If there were any sentimentally valued things, they'd be lost. The neighboring cities that got hit worse would, of course, experience a much more significant loss within businesses and personal homes that people fled to after a long day. Still, there is no doubt that this was a very devastating and scary experience for everyone within the proximities of the storm.