Steps Involved in Basement Damage Cleanup Process

Basement flooding can occur at any time. It is mainly caused by excessive rain, unexpected blockages in the sewer system around your home, or a pipe burst. Therefore, it is vital to have the issue dealt with sooner rather than later. Getting the job done by yourself may be tricky; you need the assistance of specialists from Water damage restoration Charlotte. Learn information about Charlotte, NC.

Removal of Water

Affected items should be quickly removed to avoid mold growth. Once this is done, the water is then sucked up using pumps and specialized vacuums. Draining the water minimizes the damage and even spares some of your valuables. Discover facts about Kitchen Remodeling in Charlotte, NC.

Fixing the Leak

Water damage restoration Charlotte identifies the leak and makes any necessary repairs, such as filling foundation cracks.

Actual Cleanup

This involves cleaning and disinfecting the basement. The basement carpeting or other materials with a lot of mold development are disposed of or thoroughly cleaned if possible. If the wall has also been damaged, it is replaced with a mold-resistant type. This is followed by a thorough drying of the area with air-scrubbers.

Do not wait any longer; Water Damage Restore Charlotte is always ready to rescue your property. 

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