When flood water enters the basement, it begins to cause damage immediately. Anything you have in the basement, such as furniture, storage, clothing or even your washing machine could be wiped out in a matter of minutes. Some people even keep important documents in the basement and have lost them as a result. Once the water enters the home, the mold quickly follows and it could start growing within 24 hours after the water is there. That is why it is so important to have the issue corrected as soon as possible. Ignoring it or allowing it to remain an issue could put you and your family in harm’s way.

The first step in the process is to remove the water, but this is something tricky for most homeowners to do. When you hire a professional to take care of the job, however, you will find that the water is quickly removed and the basement flood damage cleanup can begin. They have the equipment that is necessary to remove the water effectively, including pumps and specialized vacuums. When the floodwater is removed quickly, it results in less damage and can even spare some of your valuables.

After the floodwater has been removed and the leak has been identified and fixed, it is time to do the actual cleanup. This may require mold remediation in some cases and a thorough drying of the area with air scrubbers. At that point, the cleanup begins of all hard surfaces and any items that still remain in the basement. In some cases, carpeting or other materials in the basement will need to be disposed of but if possible, they will be thoroughly cleaned as well.

When you hire a professional for basement flood damage cleanup, you are getting more than a surface clean. They will do what is necessary to ensure that the basement is clean and your home is safe for you and your family. We are here for you 24/7/365.