Charlotte, NC Is Full of Amusement Parks

Family fun is a guarantee in Charlotte. There are excellent points of fun suitable for adults, kids, and toddlers. Come and explore these endless parks and fun spots with your family for remarkable moments together. Here is a list of amusement parks quite suitable for family adventure.  Visit this link for more information.

Discovery Place

A visit here is always fun and splendid. There are excellent family experiences with exciting and inclusive activities suitable for all ages. Visit this place to learn about life and the fascinating world of physical phenomena. Exhibits revolve around various species’ lives, including the human body’s life cycle and other diverse species through science. Read about Charlotte, NC Is an Entertainment Sensation here.


This marvelous place is also fantastic for family fun and features some of the best rides in town. There are world-class roller coasters here to explore and enjoy family rides such as Boo Blasters and giant Dinosaurs like moving structures. Kids have unique points for fun too within the park.

Little Sugar Creek Greenway

This particular park is a marvelous point for strolls and picnics. It has paved walkways and trails for families to stroll through and enjoy the beautiful green sceneries. There are ponds and under bridges quite beautiful and safe for kids.