Charlotte, NC Is A Sports Town

Sporting activities in Charlotte are vast and robust. All year long, there is always extensive sports taking place involving all manner of entertaining activities. The Stadiums where these sports take place are ever full and bustling with excited fans and spectators from all over the globe, especially during the summer holidays. Here are the two most popular sports attracting large crowds and making the city lively. Learn more here.

Basketball Thrill

Charlotte is the hometown to some spectacular NBA teams and clubs. Charlotte Hornets is one of the most popular and always attracting fans from all over the city during their thrilling games at BallPark. Other basketball teams participate in NBA leagues right here in town and are loved in equal measure. Apart from watching matches, you are free to showcase your skills by playing either for fun or as a trainee. Learn more about Charlotte, NC Is an Eventful City.

Racing Town

Motor racing is very popular in Charlotte, dating back to classical times, probably one of the oldest sports in town. NASCAR fans have great and exciting points to visit for thrilling racing moments and learn more about racing history. NASCAR Hall of Fame is an interactive and engaging attraction center honoring the history and heritage of NASCAR. There are splendid exhibits here involving race simulators and car racing to entertain you.