Burst Water Pipe Repair

We all enjoy the convenience of having running water in our home but along with that convenience comes the possibility of problems. The pipes in the home are sturdy but it is not out of the question for them to experience issues from time to time. A burst pipe is one of those issues and it is one of the more common problems that occur in both public water systems and in the home. Brant with Hackler Plumbing gets a lot of calls for emergency pipe repair and says,

Once a pipe bursts, it is a race against time to control the problem and reduce the possibility of damage. Look for the nearest water shut off valve to stop the water intrusion ASAP.

pipe water damage repairA burst pipe can occur for many different reasons. In some areas, pipes freeze when the weather gets cold outside and this could cause them to burst immediately. Pipes may also fail as a result of misuse, damage or age. When you really stop to think about the pressure that exists within the entire water system, it is little wonder that these pipes do fail from time to time. What a pipe bursts, that water pressure suddenly forces the water out into the home and it can result in a devastating and dramatic problem. Not only can it result in property damage, it can result in the growth of mold and the possibility of displacing your entire family.

Unfortunately, when a pipe bursts, it does not always show signs immediately. There may be a certain amount of time that will pass before you are able to see the signs. If it happens in a ceiling or a floor, you may begin to notice a bulge or discoloration. Eventually, the water could come through and flood the visible part of the home but if the issue existed for quite some time before it was discovered, the damage could be extensive.

The most important part of the burst water pipe repair process is identifying the problem and having it fixed. This will stop the water from leaking and allow the rest of the process to continue. Any water will need to be cleaned up and the area will be thoroughly dried, including the surfaces and the air, with the use of professional air scrubbers. At that point, a cleanup of any damaged materials will take place and the repair of any property damage will begin.

A burst pipe can be a very stressful situation. Most homeowners are unable to handle the situation on their own and any delay will increase the property damage that exists. By contacting a professional immediately, you can get the process started that will get you back in your home again.