Steps Involved in The Remodeling of a Bathroom After Water Damage

When your bathroom is affected by water damage, the process of getting your bathroom back in shape on your own is challenging. Hiring a Charlotte water damage repair team to clean up and remodel your bathroom may come in handy. More can be found here.

Removal of Debris

Remodeling a bathroom after Charlotte water damage repair, the clean-up may involve some remnants of raw sewage. The untreated wastewater, standing water, and other unused debris are removed to prevent mold development issues. See also about Benefits of Kitchen Remodeling in Charlotte, NC.

Decontamination of Walls, Floors, And Ceilings

After removing the debris, the interior walls, floors, and ceilings are thoroughly dried and disinfected to ensure all the mold and bacteria are killed.

Preparation of The New Design

Water damage creates an opportunity for a homeowner to upgrade his/her bathroom. The new design may involve the expansion of the bathroom or adding hot water powered by solar panels.

At Water Damage Restore Charlotte, they understand that losing access to your bathroom may inconvenience you and your loved ones. They, therefore, work quickly and efficiently to restore your bathroom to working order. Call Water Damage Restore Charlotte at (763) 401-7997 for professional bathroom remodeling.

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