Our company is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota and has the most skilled and well-trained workers who are ready to help you with the most advanced equipment to repair and rebuild your home or office after water damage. We offer emergency water damage restoration as well as home remodeling. a experts in water damage Minneapolis – Saint Paul are within your reach all the time round the clock.


We specialize in many water damage restoration, rebuilding and remodeling services such as:

Rebuilding minneapolis restoration and remodeling

  • Water removal after it has seeped into the walls and floor to prevent further harm.
  • Cleaning up the floor after it has been flooded and stained.
  • We provide the service of rebuilding after the damage that is dome to your office or home.
  • The remodeling and painting of both the exterior and interior of the building after accomplishing water damage repair.
  • We also do an assessment of furniture and other items if they are usable after restoration or need to throw away to prevent any more
  • Mould and bacteria which grow quickly in presence of stagnant water are easily killed and the house is disinfected.
  • The replacement of pipelines which have leakage points in them to ensure a positive water damage repair.
  • Home remodeling such as kitchen, basement and bathroom remodels.


If your house or office has undergone any water damage in Minneapolis St. Paul recently, contact us today!